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Placements & Appreciations

Thank You & Congratulations  Shady Grove Haflingers! 

on your purchase of

Cragganmore HLH
(Andiamo APF x Caron CAF)
AHR 31460-10


Thank You & Congratulations Charlie!

on your purchase of

Cardhu HLH
(Andiamo APF x Caron CAF)
AHR 30884-09

Good Luck in the 2014 Show Season! 

Thank You & Congratulations Beth & Curt! 

on your purchase of

Aberfeldy HLH
(Andiamo APF x O'Cadence of HLH)
AHR 30885-09

Congratulations & Thank You Laurie & Eric

on your purchase of

Whiskey St Pat HLH   
Wizard IEF x O'Cadence HLH 

(AHR 27355-06)


Hi Kevin and Melanie-Just wanted to send a little update.  We love this horse!  He is funny and sweet, and tests me frequently, but always comes around if I stand my ground. 

...He did test my farrier-not by refusing to stand or pick up his feet, but with leaning his weight until it seemed as if Tim and I were holding him up.  It happened gradually so I did not notice it at first.  Tim stood his ground, and when he was ready he put the foot down, and grabbed Jiggs by the cheek of the halter, shook it a little, and growled, "son, you will stand!".  The horse stood perfectly after that.  At the end, Tim said, Laur, you got a good one this time, and he has great feet, then gave me a fist bump! Tall praise from a farrier!

No pictures yet, I am usually here alone when working him.  Again, we love him and I am having a blast.  Good luck with your summer plans and showing.  Thanks, Laurie

Congratulations & Thank You Mark & Chris
on your purchase of

Caol Ila HLH

Account of Mon-T x Caron CAF
AHR 30209-08

North Port HLH

Account of Mon-T x Nicky FHF
AHR  30198-08

& the Wagon & Harness... 

Dear Friends:

The registry information arrived. Thanks!

We went for a great drive yesterday and the girls were terrific. We LOVE them! You must know that it is apparent that you spent a lot of good time with them. They are so amiable. All I have to do is go outside and call their names and they come running. They are true loves and I foresee many happy years ahead!

Mark's first question when he calls home from out of town is: How are the girls?

Thanks and Happiest of Holidays to you and yours.



Congratulations & Thank You Terri
 on your purchase of

Candance National Kelly GHF

National Legand GHF x Candance 2-S'SH
AHR 27655-06


Hi Kevin!  ...we're getting along great!   Every day just gets better!   She's very sweet and willing.  My driving teacher friend came over last weekend and we hitched her for the first time.  I'm more into pleasure driving, and it didn't take long for Kelsey to catch on to the difference.  We even tried her with a different bit and she did fine with it.  I have my Parelli obstacles set up in the field where we drove her, and we took her through the weave/serpentine cones several times....she did great!!!   Her honey blonde color has really grown on me and my friends, and we all think she's really pretty.   One of my friends took several pics....I've included a few.  


Congratulations & Thank You MaryBeth
 on your purchase of

OTessa of Mon-T 

Michel of NTF x Onna HWH
AHR 8087-96


We drove "Breezy" Tess in the Liberty Christmas Parade.  After the parade we hauled over to the next town and I rode Tess in that parade.  It's so  nice to have one of these Haflingers that can switch from driving to riding with ease. ;)  I had a couple of comments on the "chubby" horse. LOL!  Most people in the parade had never seen a Haflinger and just thought she was a little Belgian!   OH, and one of my daughter's friends hopped on behind me on Tess and rode most of the parade with me.  We just love, love this sweet mare !!!!!   MB 


 Congratulations & Thank You Ms Edith
 on your purchase of

Mitiger of Mon-T 

Michel of NTF x Onna HWH
AHR 7070-95

Hi guys.  Tig the Pig is still going strong and the following link is to photos of the wagon train I took him on in Indiana/KY from 9th to 18th September (2011).  I picket the ponies out at night with a one foot picket to a stake and Tig the Houdini managed to get the duct tape off the bull snap and get loose several times.  Fortunately he only goes to the nearest food.


You can tell him by his blaze face and he is on the near side.  The caravan is the small one with the green top and sides rolled up.  He is such a great guy----STILL.


Best to everyone,   Edith