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The Prather's
Kevin &Melanie


We purchased our first Haflingers in June of 1996.  They were a yearling and weanling brother/sister out of Michel NTF and Onna HWH.  Today we show draft hitch and halter classes, trail ride, and do a few parades.  In addition to showing draft, the girls show in numerous 4-H classes.   

Occasionally we have available well trained, well exposed, kid safe Haflingers.  Please see our Sale Page for current availability.  

Hickory Lane Spotlight


Macallan HLH
Wizaed IEF x Maranda of Hylite
Classified Silver 78 Pts! 


Indiana State Fair
Waiting for the Youth Team Class
Lead - Macallan HLH
Off Side - Caron CAF